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Have you tried or are you curious about trying Super Synbiotics supplements? You can find tips and tricks here and also get answers to your questions regarding when to take Synbiotic, what to do with it, and much more.

What is Synbiotic?

Our dietary supplement Synbiotic15 is a synbiotic which means it contains a combination of lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) and fibres (prebiotics) for your stomach. The fibres act as food for the good bacteria so that they will thrive. Synbiotic contains live bacteria and therefore needs to be kept chilled! Read more about our synbiotics here.

How to use Synbiotic?

Synbiotic comes in the form of a powder that is mixed with cold / room-temperature liquid or food. The powder should not be heated as it will kill the living bacteria. The most common is to mix the powder with water, but it is also excellent to mix in a smoothie or sprinkle over yogurt or overnight oats. This is a good trick for fussy kids who sometimes find it difficult for new consistencies and flavors. Always remember to consume the synbiotic as soon as possible after opening the package and mixing it with food or liquid.

When to take Synbiotic?

Synbiotic can be taken at any time of the day and it is actually possible to take the synbiotic both on an empty stomach and with food. To establish a good habit, it is usually easier to choose a specific time of day when you take your supplements, so test yourself and see what you like best.

How do I take Synbiotic15?


The starting point of good health is in the gut

Synbiotic15 is the best Swedish supplement to support and boost your gut health. One daily dose contains:

 15 billion lactic acid bacteria
4 patented bacterial strains
4 grams of gluten-free dietary fibres


Who can use Synbiotic?

People of all ages can benefit from taking Synbiotic. For children under the age of 10, it is recommended that you start with half a dose a day and then step up to a full dose. On special occasions, double or even triple dose may be appropriate, for example during or after an antibiotic course. Since antibiotics kill all bacteria (both bad and good), it is important to wait at least two hours after the antibiotic is taken before taking synbiotics.

When pregnant or breastfeeding you can even take Synbiotic. Children who are breastfeeding can get synbiotics by mixing the powder with some water and then applying it to the nipple or pacifier.

What happens when you start taking Synbiotic?

Just as with dietary changes, the body and, above all, the stomach can react when you start taking synbiotics. For most people, it is a new habit and any problems you might have will disappear when the body gets used to the new bacteria and the increased fibre intake. For some it takes a few days, for others, it can take several weeks. If the problems are bothering you, you can divide the dose during the day and take half the dose in the morning and the other half in the evening. If you get hard in your stomach it is usually because the fibres in the product are water-soluble and need more water to pass smoothly through the intestine – so be sure to drink some extra glasses of water.

How long do you need to take Synbiotic?

The intestinal flora looks different from person to person – in a way it resembles a fingerprint – and therefore it is very difficult to study. In addition, the composition of the intestinal flora is influenced by many different factors – what we eat (and what we do not eat), how much we move, our quality of sleep, diseases, medication, other dietary supplements, stress and more. So how exactly you are affected by the synbiotic depends entirely on your circumstances and your lifestyle.

If you have more questions about Synbiotic, you are most welcome to contact our customer service at or check out or FAQ section for more information!

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