The story behind Stig Bengmark and Synbiotic

Stig Bengmark is a professor emeritus, author of the book Välj Hälsa (currently only available in Swedish) and creator of health supplement Synbiotic. For the past 30 years, Stig has been studying the gut flora and its effect on human health; but how did it all start?

From liver surgery to gut flora

After completing his studies at Lund University, Stig enjoyed a long, successful career as a professor of surgery, chief surgeon and clinic manager at Lund University Hospital. Stig specialised in liver surgery, but an incident at the clinic opened Stig’s eyes to a new specialty:

The gut flora and its significance for human health.

The mistake that awakened Stig’s curiosity

A young doctor at the clinic was tasked with studying the 81 most recent major liver surgeries. When he reported the results of the study, Stig was shocked. They had neglected to give patients antibiotics that, according to standard practice at the time, should be given for a week after the operation. This was unacceptable, especially at a university hospital that should set a good example! However, much to Stig’s surprise, the young doctor went on to report that all infections arising after surgery were in the patients who took antibiotics: 

Those who did not receive antibiotics were infection-free!

Stig’s curiosity was piqued. Had the antibiotics depleted the beneficial gut flora? And if that was the case, how could it be restored?


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The importance of the gut flora

Stig started to study the gut flora more closely, and his theories were confirmed both by his own research and by others’ research. These studies showed that the gut flora is tremendously important for our health. For starters, at least 70% of our immune system turns out to be in our gut! This fuelled Stig’s interest in pursuing further research, and he went on to investigate the most effective ways to reintroduce the good gut bacteria to the gut flora.

Studies show the gut flora is tremendously important for our health: at least  70% of our immune system turns out to be in our gut!

In 1999 Stig initiated a research project with a few colleagues. The goal was to identify the elite of the good gut bacteria. Bacteria that could work together to strengthen the other bacteria’s properties and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Four unique strains of lactic acid bacteria were singled out and patented. These bacteria were then combined with four types of plant fibres that have been shown to help the bacteria reproduce in the gut.

Synbiotic: a combination of good bacteria and fibres

The combination of good bacteria (probiotics) and fibre (prebiotics) is called synbiotics. Stig and his colleagues therefore chose to name their composition Synbiotic 2000®. In the years that followed and til this day, many studies are conducted using Synbiotic 2000 which show good results. 

Synbiotic 2000 proves effective in suppressing inflammation, reconditioning the gut flora and strengthening the immune system.

Two of the bacterial strains (Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Paracasei) are often absent in the gut flora of many Westerners, especially in people with severe obesity. Those strains are especially important for the gut flora to break down fibres. Losing these strains is a result of our increasingly processed and industrially produced food, rather than unprocessed, anti-inflammatory foods. To get these strains back you can take a supplement like Synbiotic15 that has these specific strains. In addition, you can regain these bacterial strains when you live healthy and create a balance between your nutrition, mental health and exercise. 

Synbiotic15 health supplement – based on over 15 years of research

The health supplement Synbiotic15 was formulated and developed based on the research done on Synbiotic 2000. Synbiotic15 contains the same bacterial cultures and fibre used in the research but in a different formula. A daily sachet contains 15 billion lactic acid bacteria and 4 grams of fibre and is suitable for people who want to strengthen and maintain a beneficial gut flora. 

Research on the gut flora and its connection to overall health is more popular today than ever, with focus areas including IBS, chronic inflammation and the gut-brain axis (the link between the gastrointestinal tract and the brain).

At Super Synbiotics, we believe that gut health is one of the keys to a long and healthy life and we are passionate about inspiring and informing people so they may achieve better gut health. You can read a number of articles about digestive health on our blog, or try Synbiotic15 here.

Good health starts in the gut

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