Terms of Purchase and Privacy Policy

These terms of purchase and delivery (‘the purchase terms’) apply to purchases made by private customers on the supersynbiotics.sg website. You can contact us via our customer service using the email address info@supersynbiotics.sg

1. When you make your order, you agree to the purchasing terms and we unfortunately cannot change the terms, even if you write these in your order unless we have confirmed otherwise in writing.

2. If we feel we need to change something in the terms of purchase, we reserve the right to do so but will indicate the changes on our website, with one month’s notice, before they become effective.

3. Prices stated are inclusive of GST. No dispatch fees will be added unless specified. When you place your order, you will first receive an e-mail saying that your order has been received, then you will be notified in the same way that your order has been processed and is ready to be delivered. At the same time, we reserve the right not to deliver an ordered item if there are special reasons, such as that we have experienced problems with production or distribution with our subcontractors, or other reasons that prevent us from delivering the ordered item. In such cases you will be notified by us as soon as possible. If for any reason we cannot carry out the delivery of an ordered item, we undertake to pay back any eventual advance payment but we cannot pay out any other remuneration.

4. To be able to receive and process your order, we need the information from you which is stated on the order page. By completing a purchase, you confirm that we can keep your details in our customer register, as well as that you agree to receive mail-outs from us. We may send you marketing materials about ourselves and our products if you haven’t stated that you don’t wish to receive them. You can unsubscribe from the register to stop receiving marketing mail-outs via a link in the email. We guarantee that the registered details that we have about you will not be shared with third parties. Read more about how we process your personal details below.

5. Received and confirmed orders will be delivered as soon as possible, normally within 5 working days.

6. The price of ordered goods is stated on the order page as well as on the order confirmation, which will be sent out via email.

7. From time to time, special discount offers may occur, which in this case require that you enter a unique discount code in a specifically stated place when ordering. These discount codes always apply for a limited time, which is stated in the information about discount codes.

8. You pay for orders made to the partner stated in the order, and in any of the ways offered to the customer at each individual purchase opportunity. By making an order, you agree to the terms applied by our partner. You also accept that our partner takes our place as creditor for all credit sales.

9. Deliveries are carried out through different couriers. Report any damaged or lost items to our customer service at info@supersynbiotics.sg as soon as you notice them. Make sure that you document any possible damage and send this information to us.

10. You always have 14 days right of withdrawal according to the law. The time period the right of withdrawal is calculated from the day you received the item. If you change your mind and want to return an item, it must not be damaged or used and the item must be returned in its original packaging. You also need to message us making it clear that you wish to make use of the right of withdrawal. Please also state the reason why. Furthermore, you have to pay the return shipping costs if the items is not subject to an evident fault which can be attributed to our responsibility as a supplier.

11. We reserve the right to debit the processing costs which occur as a result of parcels not being collected or accepted (return costs and dispatch costs). Therefore we charge a fee of S$15 per parcel. Therefore, you should make sure that if you change your mind about a purchase and want to return the item, you first need to ensure you accept or collect the package and then return it at your own cost.

12. Singapore law will be applied to these purchase terms.

13. For supplements ordered, the stated ‘best before’ date applies, provided that the product is stored and used as recommended.

14. In general, dietary supplements are not intended for use as an alternative to a balanced diet. The information given in and on packaging or appearing on the website and/or in other corresponding contexts is not intended to be construed as health claims or claims about the particular benefit of the product, but is intended to partly explain the generally-known properties of these and comparable products and/or to describe the research and experience that underlies these particular products. The content of this website should not in any way be construed as medical advice or instructions and should not be regarded as a replacement for medical consultations for both acute and chronic conditions or issues or before more comprehensive changes to dietary habits or the like.

Super Synbiotics personal data policy

As data controller, Super Synbiotics (“The Company” “we” or “us”) is responsible for ensuring that all processing of your personal data is in conformity with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This personal data policy explains in more detail which personal data we process and the purpose of personal data processing. The policy also describes your rights and how to exercise them as well as what we do in order to process your personal data in a secure way.

What is personal data and what does processing of personal data entail?

All types of information that refer directly or indirectly to a natural person who is alive constitutes personal data. Names, addresses, photos as well as encrypted data or different types of electronic identities such as an IP number can constitute personal data for example. We only process your personal data. Processing can entail for example collection, storage, registration, sorting, compilation, transfer or erasure of such data.

Who is the data controller and what does this entail?

The Orange Penguin Pte Ltd (with Company Registration no. 201608583D) is data controller for the company’s personal data processing. This means that we have a responsibility to process your personal data in conformity with applicable privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If we call upon a service provider to process your personal data, the service provider is recognized as a personal data processor.

Personal data that is processed, purpose of and legal basis for such processing

When you register as a customer with us, we request that you disclose information such as your name, address, e-mail and telephone number. We do this in order to be able to manage the customer relationship, process your orders and returns, manage your personal account with us (if you choose to create such an account), compile statistics, fulfil legislator requirements on accounting, promote our products to you, perform customer surveys and to contact you if needed. When we perform customer surveys, all personal data is anonymized.

In addition, we may collect certain personal data from external sources in the form of credit reports and address updates.

If you submit your personal data to us in connection with a purchase and registration, your personal data is used to process these specific processes. We also use such data to communicate with you and in order to fulfil our obligations to you. We therefore conclude that there is a legal basis for personal data processing in order for us to fulfil our contractual relationship with you as customer.  We may contact you for the purpose of marketing by letter, e-mail and telephone (including text messages), provided that you have not notified us that you do not want to be contacted. Subsequently, we conclude that when balancing interests, there is a legitimate interest to communicate with you concerning our products, which prevails over the need of protection for your personal data.

Once your customer relationship has ended, we save your information as to your name, address, e-mail, telephone number and order history for the purpose of informing you about offers and news concerning our products that we believe may be of interest to you. This does not apply however if you have notified us that you do not want to be contacted for the aforementioned reasons.

All personal data processing performed after the objective has been reached is based solely on legal requirements or your consent.

The Company is, according to legislation, bound to process certain personal data in connection with accounting and auditing. 

Your personal data can also be used for statements of accounts, invoicing and auditing, payment verifications, administrative and legal matters, statistical and marketing analyses for the purpose of improving our services, our website and its accessibility, our systems and their development and maintenance, and customer surveys.

If you are under 18 years of age and wish to make a purchase, you must have the consent of your legal guardian before you submit your personal data and make a purchase.

If you submit your personal data to us in connection with a purchase or registration, your personal data is used to process these specific processes. You are however entitled to withdraw your consent to personal data processing at any time.

It is stipulated in our policy that we do not request or process sensitive information from our customers. Therefore, please do not disclose such information (information on, for e.g. ethnic background, political points of view, religious convictions or philosophical beliefs, membership of trade unions, health or sexual activity) to us.

How we have obtained your data

The personal data that is processed by us has been collected from you at the time of registration in the way mentioned under point 1 above and from external sources in the form of credit reports and address updates.  If you contact us via e-mail, we evaluate whether we, for legal or service-orientated reasons, need to follow up your issue subsequently, in the form of, for e.g., a complaints procedure, lost consignments tracking etc. In other cases, we erase the e-mail after answering you. We filter all our e-mail correspondence on a monthly basis. None of your disclosed information that you send by e-mail is transferred to other registers if you have not requested such yourself.

Card payments

In order for our payment services’ service provider to be able to process payment for your products on the website, you are requested to provide information about your payment card. This information is processed solely by our service provider and in conformity with our personal data processor agreement with the service provider.

We only process your payment information (not however the credit card number) provided that and to the extent that it is needed in order to ensure effective handling of any charging, purchase cancellation and crediting problems.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

We may have recourse to personal data processors in countries outside the EU/EEA to process personal data collected. Prior to the transfer of personal data to such third parties, we take appropriate protective measures to ensure that such parties have corresponding security measures in place, such that all processing of personal data is performed in a secure way, and we check that the EU-Commission has ruled that the country in question is able to guarantee a so-called adequate level of protection.

We do not transfer your personal data to third parties in any other way than the aforementioned, and we do not sell or lend your personal data to other third parties.

Direct marketing via electronic communication

As mentioned under point 3 above, we can use your personal data to send newsletters and offers concerning our products that we believe can be of interest to you. We offer all our customers the opportunity to receive marketing material about our products. We do our best to customize such information so that it is well-suited to you. If you do not wish to receive any marketing material from us, you can follow the instructions that are attached to our e-mail dispatches or by contacting us at info@supersynbiotics.sg.

Security and how we protect your personal data

All personal data is processed in a secure environment. Our website uses SSL encryption.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are text files composed of letters and numbers that are sent from our web server and saved onto your web browser or unit. We use cookies to improve and facilitate your visit. We do not use cookies to store personal data or to transfer information on to third parties.
We use cookies from third parties to collect statistics in compiled forms in analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar. The cookies that are used are both permanent or temporary cookies (session cookies). Permanent cookies are saved as files on your computer or mobile device for a maximum of 24 months. Temporary cookies are erased when you close your web browser.

By configuring your web browser, you yourself have the possibility to limit the scope of cookies. You can, for example, block or erase cookies. You can also choose to browse in an anonymous mode. Please note that certain services may not work if you erase cookies.

Rectification or erasure of personal data

Incorrect or incomplete personal data, or such information for which we do not have a legal basis to process, is rectified or erased at the Company’s own initiative, or at your request. All information that is no longer needed to fulfil the objectives of personal data processing, as mentioned in point 3 above, is erased.

Storage period

Your personal data is stored for as long as necessary for the objectives that are mentioned in point 3 above. The Company does not however store your personal data for a longer period than five (5) years after the customer relationship has ended.

Your rights and information on the regulatory authority

You are entitled to receive information on what personal data concerning you we process, to request rectification, erasure or transfer of personal data, as well as entitled to request restriction of processing of your personal data. You are also entitled to request an extract of the data register containing information about you that is stored.

If you have any questions about information concerning you that we process or you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us; see our contact details below.

If you have a complaint concerning our processing of your personal data, you are always entitled to have recourse to the regulatory authority. 

Data controller’s contact details

The data controller for your personal data is The Orange Penguin Pte Ltd.
E-mail: info@supersynbiotics.sg.

If you want to update or amend disclosed information or have any questions or points of view concerning our products, the information we process or your rights, you are welcome to contact our customer services by e-mail: info@supersynbiotics.sg.

Updating of the personal data policy

We may amend this personal data policy. We do this in order to be able to adapt the policy to amendments in legislation in effect, for commercial needs or to ensure our customers’, marketing partners’ and service providers’ needs. Updated versions are published on our website at https://supersynbiotics.se with the amendment date such that it is clear when the last update occurred.

The personal data policy was last updated on 09-09-2020.