Stig Bengmark a true inspiration within the field of health

Stig Bengmark – a true inspiration within the field of health

Stig Bengmark – author of the books “Välj Hälsa!” and the creator of Synbiotics – turned 92 years old this year. We are incredibly happy and grateful for the work that Stig does to promote health in Sweden and around the world. He’s genuinely passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle and he sees it as his life’s work to spread his knowledge to as many people as possible.

From medical professional to professor and researcher

Stig Bengmark was born in 1929 in Östervåla, outside Uppsala, and in 1956 received his medical degree from Lund University. After that, a long and successful career awaited him as Professor of Surgery, as well as Chief Surgeon and Head of Clinic at Lund University Hospital (1970-1994). During his time in Lund, Stig made a big impression as Chief Surgeon when he, among other things, modernised the clinic’s working methods and divided what was previously called General Surgery into 8-9 medically independent teams. Stig was also a driving force within various research projects, both as an inspirer, supervisor and researcher. Liver surgery became Stig’s main area of interest and Stig is still today seen as a pioneer in the field, in Sweden.

Professor Emeritus and the research into the mechanisms of the gut flora

During his time as surgeon, Stig became increasingly convinced that poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle choices are to blame for many of the lifestyle diseases and health problems that dominate Western medicine today. Stig formally retired in 1994, but his work did not end there. As Professor Emeritus and visiting professor at the University of London since 1999, Stig continues to study the connection between lifestyle, gut flora and inflammation even more closely. Stig’s research is also the basis for our dietary supplement Synbiotic.

Health inspirer and role model

For the past 30 years, Stig has devoted himself to researching, lecturing and spreading the message that, through an intestinal-friendly diet and a healthy lifestyle, we can take control of our own health. In addition to the knowledge and experience that Stig possesses, he also leads by example – Stig practises what he preaches and is, at the age of 92, full of energy and drive. In order to inspire more people to make healthy lifestyle choices, Stig has summarised his research and his best recipes and tips in his book “Välj Hälsa!” which was published in November of 2018. Currently only available in Swedish, we will soon launch this in English in Singapore. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when we launch.

Health supplements for the gut

To strengthen your gut flora you can complement your diet with supplements. However, a healthy diet is usually sufficient and should be prioritised.

Synbiotic – a Swedish health supplement for the gut

Synbiotic15 is a health supplement based on over 15 years of clinical studies. The supplement combines four bacteria with four types of plant fibre. These four fibres work as fuel for the bacteria which allows them to thrive. Synbiotic is produced in Sweden and is gluten-free and lactose-free.

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