Shireena Shroff Manchharam’s healthy lifestyle routines

For certified life coach, image consultant and serial entrepreneur Shireena Shroff Manchharam living an active and healthy life started at a young age. Her parents have always been, and still are, active and health conscious on a daily basis. Not surprising therefore that Shireena says her parents are her inspiration for living healthy. To make this happen in her own family she’s a big fan of daily routines. A recent habit she added to her routine is looking after her gut with a pre- & probiotic supplement – “Taking Synbiotic15 has honestly been amazing – my tummy feels so good after having it, I’m less bloated and my energy is higher.”

Shireena has moved around quite a lot in her life. Growing up in Kobe, Japan, followed by high school in New Delhi, India, and college in Canada and Spain – she’s quite the world citizen. She started her work as an image consultant for big corporations and banks all over Asia, while living in Hong Kong and Singapore. She met her husband Ashish here, and together they have 2 children.

During the Covid lockdowns, Shireena realised she wanted to make a shift from the big corporate projects that often left her uninspired. She wanted to focus more on positivity and happy habits. She says we all know what we need to do to be more healthy and live a more fulfilling life. However, we often forget or don’t make it a priority. That’s why Shireena launched Getting to Happy and shifted her life coaching more towards happiness coaching. She now works with many local and international schools, as well as coaching children to teach them how to set up simple daily habits and routines.

Healthy habits from a young age

From a young age Shireena’s parents were big advocates of healthy habits and regular exercise. Perhaps more importantly though – they led by example and continue to do so.

My parents, to this day, work out every single day. And not a light walk or so, no they do proper workouts; cardio, weights, TRX etc. My dad actually became a yoga teacher after he retired!

This attitude towards health and leading by example is what Shireena aims to share with her own children. She believes it’s essential to have healthy habits and focus on what to do rather than what not to do. So, instead of telling her children what they can’t eat – she says they need to eat fruit after school and they can have a snack after if they want. It’s about developing daily routines like having breakfast, eating fruit after school, exercising daily, mediating as a family, practicing gratitude, slowing down before bedtime and so on that’ll make the difference in the long run. Rather than being restrictive, Shireena believes these daily habits automatically lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Living a healthy life and approaching 40

To Shireena, living a healthy life means being happy, being content and taking the effort to look after yourself. You can’t hope for health. You can’t pay for health. It takes effort and you need to be willing to put in the effort.

It takes effort to be healthy and that’s what a lot of people forget.

While Shireena was very active when growing up – and still is! – she’s had gut-weight issues for as long as she can remember. Struggling to lose weight and bloating were just some of the symptoms she faced. Lots of testing, special diets, nothing seemed to work and doctors didn’t consider it to be a gut problem. Until her mum said it might be your gut. Shireena looked into it and discovered the importance of her gut health to her overall health. That’s when she started taking extra care of her gut.

Now that she’s approaching 40, Shireena realises her body is changing and that she needs extra help. While she still puts in the effort, she takes extra help where she wants or needs it. One way she gives herself additional support, is by taking supplement Synbiotic15, “which actually really works!” she says. “I had such severe bloating, when I took Synbiotic15 the change was obvious almost right away. It was obvious in my stomach, obvious that the bloating was so much less. It really makes a difference!”

Shireena’s mum always had lots of gut issues, so when visiting Shireena, she wanted to try Synbiotic15 as well. She loved it right away. So much so, that she brought several months’ supply home with her at the end of her trip. Most recently, Shireena’s husband Ashish started using it, and we’re curious to see what Synbiotic15 will do for him.

Shireena’s best tips for healthy lifestyle habits

Routine is important to Shireena, it’s pretty clear when you hear her talk about healthy habits. Everything is about routines, and anything that’s part of her daily routine for happiness, wellness and health she’ll always do, as it’s important and fits her lifestyle. She happily shares her most important daily habits:

  1. Exercise – “This one is most important for me as it’s what keeps me alive. Do whatever works for you – whether it’s ten minutes stretching on the mat, an online course, or a walk outside. However many minutes you have is good enough, just make sure you do it every day.”
  2. Meditation“I can’t believe we don’t teach this at school as it’s so easy and can have such a big impact. Just create a playlist on Spotify, close your eyes and listen whenever you have the chance or feel you need it. You don’t have to sit in this perfect yoga pose in a serene environment for 30 minutes. Just a couple of minutes can make the difference. It’ll help you transition from one thing to the next, as it resets your energy. This way you can be fully present with what comes next, without the baggage of what you were doing before. We meditate as a family almost every evening for 5 to 7 minutes.”
  3. Eating – “It’s so important to develop healthy eating habits with our children. I don’t restrict my children what to eat, but I tell them what they have to eat like fruit after school. We’re also strict about having breakfast, lunch and dinner every day – even while we might do intermittent fasting ourselves, our children have breakfast. During a holiday we’re a lot more flexible and kinda eat everything we want. So when we’re back, we all go sugar free for 5 days to give our body a reset and remove the sugar cravings.”
  4. Sleep – “Specifically developing good sleep routines. Don’t watch tv and go to bed right after. It’s so important to wind down in the evening. We do this by saying gratitudes and prayers, as it helps your brain to be more positive before you get to sleep and you sleep so well. Reading in bed works too and is a great habit to have – again, even if it’s just 5 to 10 minutes a night.”

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