Professional Athlete Natalie Dau’s healthy lifestyle habits

For professional athlete, mum and media personality Natalie Dau living a healthy lifestyle, first and foremost means exercising every single day. Probably no surprise there! When asked how she does it, she says “Be consistent and take the decision out if it. When you take away the question of when you go or what you’ll do, and you decide to go – then that’s what you’ll do. Every day.” For years, Natalie had an interest in gut health, and she considers it to be the most underrated area of health & wellness. She feels it’s an area where small efforts can generate big results – and taking Synbiotic15 is her daily win to take care of her gut.

Natalie moved to Singapore for a corporate job and planned to stay for 2 years only. Eighteen years later she’s still here, and has no plans to leave anytime soon. While this corporate job brought her to sunny Singapore, Natalie left that world ten years ago to start her own business. “I realised there wasn’t enough content around health and wellness in Asia, so I started a website for this and wrote articles for different media platforms.” At the same time I started winning spartan races and going to world championships and realised I should get active on social media. After this things have grown organically with sponsorships, her fitness app Rockstar Fit and shows with the government like Keeping it Real and her latest show Zero to Hero.

Living an active lifestyle

Growing up in Australia being active is kinda normal, as everybody is active. Natalie’s parents encouraged their children to be active from a young age, and they led by example.

“Kids don’t listen they follow. So be active together. Show them you’re active,”

says Natalie. Her parents did just that as they played sports themselves and Natalie would watch them regularly. Her dad coached Natalie’s basketball team, so all in all, being active has been a huge part of her life on a daily basis. And while Natalie’s dad is approaching 75 – that doesn’t mean he’s slowing down or taking it easy. He has a black belt in karate and is still practicing. How’s that for inspiration?

While being active is important to Natalie – it hasn’t always been easy. Fifteen years ago when she was doing triathlons, she started having problems with her leg. At one point her leg had doubled in size and it turned out to be deep vein thrombosis because of taking the contraceptive pill. She couldn’t exercise and had to wear very painful, tight stockings to get her leg back to normal. During this time she was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (a long-term autoimmune disorder that primarily affects joints, resulting in warm, swollen and painful joints). And at the same time she got pregnant! While it wasn’t easy to deal with these health setbacks – Natalie was determined to get stronger and back to exercising. After giving birth to her daughter Liliana, she started slowly with regular runs. It took about a year to be back on top, but now – 13 year later Natalie thinks she’s the fittest she’s ever been. And this is something she wants to share with people around her. And of course she’s leading by example to her own daughter.

Gut health – the most underrated area of health & wellness?

When talking about health and gut health specifically, Natalie says

I believe it’s the most underrated area of health & wellness. People are not educated or aware enough about it, and perhaps it’s not sexy enough. But it’s an undiscovered superpower for a lot of people.”

She’s still learning about her own gut health and probably always will, as she’s very passionate about the topic. From daily bloating to digestive issues, the gut-brain connection and the influence of stress – your gut’s involved. Natalie strongly believes gut problems is something everybody can fix, if people just take the time to understand it a bit more.

The gut is this amazing thing – it’s not expensive to fix, it doesn’t take much to improve and small efforts can generate big results and impacts everything we do.”

From an athlete point of view – when doing an ultra-run like a 100k – most people pull out because of their gut according to Natalie. Not because they can’t run it, but because they can’t run and eat or digest at the same time. They’ll be throwing up on the side. As an athlete you can fix this. You put all the effort into running and being able to run the 100k, yet you don’t take the effort to look after yourself on the inside. To look after your gut. “I just don’t understand that”, Natalie says.

Taking a supplement for gut health

Regularly struggling with a lot of bloating in combination with her autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis, made Natalie very body aware. She notices differences quickly and realises it’s not only food that makes a difference to how she feels. Stress, hormones and age all play a part, and she knows looking after her gut will help to create a healthy balance.

Since taking Synbiotic15 she’s seen big improvements. Not only has the bloating disappeared, another benefit is that she goes much more regularly to the bathroom. All in all this makes her feel better and more energetic.

When traveling over the Christmas holidays at the end of last year – Natalie kept taking Synbiotic15. She knows that travel, new foods and different time zones can cause her gut to react. This time though, she had no issues at all which meant she could focus on her holiday and spending time with her family!

“Synbiotic15 is the only supplement I take and it’s part of my evening routine. I don’t feel the need to take anything else at the moment. The only other thing I do on a daily basis, is a fresh turmeric shot with some lemon and ginger.”

Natalie’s tips for healthy lifestyle routines

To Natalie, living healthy is about what you do on a daily basis rather than big ‘gestures’ you do once a week or month. Keeping it small, makes it easier to stick to a routine as well. Her daily to-dos include:

  1. Sleep 7-9 hours – “Anyone can do this if you want to. And if you don’t, stop saying you can’t but be honest with yourself and admit that it’s not a priority right now. You should however, as sleep is so important for our body and mind!
  2. Drink water – “Another one that you can easily implement. Drink 8 glasses of water every day. It really is the minimum and it would solve lots of problems for people. If you get bored of water, add something to it like a slice of lemon or cucumber to give it a slight taste. Oh, and never leave the house without a bottle of water – as much as it’s a pain, just do it. Because when you’re out, buying a bottle of water is often a hurdle, even when you’re thirsty.”

If you want to start somewhere – get going with these two tips for two weeks and see the changes for yourself. Make this a habit, and it becomes part of your life. Natalie feels it’s super important to focus and celebrate the small wins. It’s about what you can do today to get to your goal. Not about running a marathon or losing 10kg, as you can’t do that in a day. But you can drink your water, exercise or eat a healthy meal today. And that’s a win.

  1. Eat of a smaller plate – “Speaking of small wins – this can be one of them. Take away your big plate, and pile up your small plate instead. It still feels like you can eat a lot but as it’s a smaller plate, it won’t be as much.
  2. Move – “Run, walk, swim or whatever it is you want to do, and do it in the morning. The cliché is true, put your clothes and shoes ready the evening before to take the decision out of it in the morning. Still hesitant? Decide to go for a walk for just 3 minutes and see how you feel after 3 minutes. You can then decide to stop or keep going and most days you’ll end up doing more than the 3 minutes.
  3. Take away the decision – ”Decide what and when you’ll do something and then go when it’s the time. Don’t question yourself anymore at that time. This helps you to be consistent and keep going. Of course easiest to do this is when you find something you enjoy. Don’t run if you don’t want to. Walk / swim – whatever it is that sparks joy for you. Aim for 30 minutes a day, but that doesn’t need to be in one go either. You can go for a walk in the morning, run in place while you wait for the kettle to boil and do squats while you brush your teeth. Small wins!

For Natalie, the most important tip of all though is to be consistent. Whatever you decide to do, do it every day. That’s what makes the difference. Whether it’s exercising, eating healthy or taking Synbiotic15 for your gut. It’s about consistency. Don’t expect to do something once and see results. Make it part of your daily routine. Remember the small wins? All these small, daily wins will add up to a massively healthy lifestyle. You’ll feel the difference.

“Taking Synbiotic15 is just that for me – a small win,” says Natalie, “it ticks the box to do something good for my gut today. It’s easy, quick and I think it tastes good.”

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