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A daily pre- & probiotics for better gut health

Do you struggle with (daily) bloating, indigestion, skin problems, or feeling low on energy?
An imbalance in your gut flora can cause all this and more. Restore the balance with our clinically proven supplement Synbiotic15.

Synbiotic15 is a daily dose of pre- & probiotics, based on over 20 years of research. Each sachet is a mix of our 4, patented lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) and 4 grams of plant fibres (prebiotics). Together they’ll help:
Boost your immune system
Improve digestion and gut health
Reduce (daily) bloating
Fight inflammation and reduce skin rashes
Take one sachet a day, with or without food at your preferred time of day.

Treat yourself to a shot a day, for a better gut and a better you.
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Optional add on

Stig Bengmark Vitamin D3

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