Paul Foster shares how daily habits help him create a balance between being healthy and happy

Host, model, and actor Paul Foster believes living healthy means everything in moderation. Being too extreme whether it’s with your health, career or exercise will catch up with you. And not necessarily in a good way! Nowadays, Paul focuses on finding that balance between driving himself hard to reach his goals and taking time to recover and recharge. Daily habits help him a lot with this.
One thing he doesn’t compromise on anymore is his gut health with a daily dose of pre- & probiotics. ‘I feel awesome since taking Synbiotic15,’ Paul says, ‘my body feels great, my energy levels are higher, and I somehow feel lighter. This is really really good!

Growing up with the best of the East and the West

Born and raised in Singapore with an English dad and Chinese mum, Paul says he got the best of both worlds. While attending international school and living that life, he also grew up with local friends and his mum’s side of the family. In a way his life was and is a mix of contrasts and that’s just the way Paul likes it.

It’s been 20 years now that Paul started his career in the entertainment industry. Some might say he got lucky he was picked as one of the students featured in a reality show for Channel 5. Paul firmly believes it’s not just luck that gets you where you want to be in life. Sure, luck plays a role. But it’s also about opportunities, both missed ones and gained ones. About the people you work with, the team you create around you. And figuring out what your path is and pursue that path with passion and dedication.

Life changing moments

Paul found his path early and thinks this is because he had to grow up quickly when his father passed away when he was only 18 years old. It was a life changing moment. Paul realized that he had 2 options – ‘I can break down and not do anything, or I can stand up and move forward. Take care of the family, be the man in the house. Find my own path.’ He clearly went for option 2, saying,

“We all have life changing moments and it’s up to you what to do with that and how you let it influence or affect you.”

Do what you love – pursue your passion

Paul believes it’s important you find things that challenge you and make you grow. What are you passionate about, what makes you happy, what do you love doing? Focus on that. For Paul this means a combination of hosting, acting, and modeling. Out of the three hosting is his favourite thing to do, saying he found his place with hosting. Whether it’s a live event, a traveling gig, a reality show, or a food event. He loves it all and it seems to be what comes naturally. Hosting also provided Paul with the most opportunities over the years. He traveled around the world for different travel shows, got invited for many media trips and worked with many different global brands.

Live events are perhaps the most rewarding when hosting. The challenge of working with the crowd, reading them to get the energy flowing, solving problems on the fly (because something ALWAYS goes wrong), and how to fix those without the crowd noticing. Paul thrives on it. And when you get it right – there’s nothing better and it’s such a high. Nowadays Paul is more selective with the type of events he agrees to host as he knows how much energy they can take. And to do the best each time, he needs enough time in between to recuperate.

I believe a lot of people don’t realise that many of our health issues come from the gut. This is probably because you can’t see it. Yet gut issues can cause a lot of symptoms. And unfortunately, people just accept these symptoms as normal, while they can easily do something about it!

Finding the balance for a healthy life

For Paul living a healthy life means everything in moderation. Being extremely healthy in a restrictive way versus living like there’s no tomorrow – Paul believes neither works in the long run and he rather focuses on finding a balance. Keep it simple; drink enough water, sleep well, eat healthy, exercise regularly, and keep your stress down. Follow that and you should be in the healthy range. That’s not all though. To Paul, it’s about being happy and being a good person as well. Respect other people, earn respect rather than demand it. This is all part of living a good and healthy life.

When talking about eating healthy Paul stresses it’s about moderation again. Find a way to balance your diet without constantly restricting yourself. Food is super important to him he says smiling, ‘I don’t eat to live, I absolutely live to eat. But again, everything in moderation and I make sure I’m enjoying my food!

Paul’s 5 daily habits for a healthy lifestyle

When asked what his non-negotiable daily habits are to live a healthy life, Paul shares the following 5 tips.

  1. Water – “I drink lots and lots and lots of water every day. Really, it’s so good for you.”
  2. Sleep – “This is very important as well. Get enough sleep every night – although I do believe you can make up for a bad night of sleep. Only when it happens occasionally of course!”
  3. Recovery and recharge – “We can be constantly on the go, but we need time for recovery. Time to recharge. Don’t be shy to be reclusive, it’s ok to take that time to recharge. In my hosting work, I give out a lot of energy and with live events a good audience can give back energy. Sometimes they don’t though, and it’s important to recharge after that.”
  4. Learn to say no – “Do this for yourself. This is probably the hardest for a lot of people to do. I was struggling with this for quite a bit myself. When I was a bit more established in my career, I had to learn though. And when I finally did, it was the ultimate satisfaction. It’s important to always be respectful when you say no, try to make it a positive no.”
  5. Don’t let things that are out of your control stress you out – “Forget about it. It’s so easy to let the small things stress you out but forget about it. Especially if they’re beyond your control. Oh, and don’t let random people stress you out. Let it go.”

In tune with your body

When talking about gut health Paul shares, “I believe a lot of people don’t realise that many of our health issues come from the gut. This is probably because you can’t see it. Yet gut issues can cause a lot of symptoms. And unfortunately, people just accept these symptoms as normal, while they can easily do something about it!” 

Paul feels lucky he’s quite in tune with his body, so when something is out of balance he notices right away. And while he’s not suffering from bloating or digestive issues on a regular basis – one evening he did. That’s when he decided to try Synbiotic15 and he’s happy he did! He felt better within a day, and after continuing for another week – without making any other changes – Paul realized he felt great.

“It’s such a big difference [after taking Synbiotic15]. My body feels good, my energy levels are high, and I somehow feel lighter. This is great, I feel awesome”

Taking care of your gut with Synbiotic15

As part of his evening routine and daily habits, Paul takes Synbiotic15. It’s like taking Vitamin C or Omega 3 he compares. ‘You know you’re doing something good for your body, and I love the taste. It’s kinda like cereal,’ he says.

Paul realizes that taking a supplement like this means a change in mindset is needed for some people. Because it means you stop accepting the symptoms you have and do something about it. While Paul felt the difference quickly after taking Synbiotic15, for others it might take a bit longer. It all depends on the status of your gut to begin with, and how in tune you are with your own body. ‘And while it perhaps won’t solve everything, you will feel a whole lot better when you take care of your gut.’ Paul believes.

“Treat your body better and your body will respond quickly. My advice? Just try it and feel the difference.”

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I needed help in managing stomach issues - I went for something that was proven, 100% natural and would strengthen my immunity, gut flora and help settle my stomach with prebiotics and probiotics. Synbiotic15 has been amazing, so much so, that it will now be a part of my daily routine no matter what.

Natalie Dau

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I probably felt bloated 3-4 times a week and it was a big issue for me. Yet I couldn’t figure out what exactly triggered it or how to stop it. Taking Synbiotic15 makes me feel good. I can really feel the difference and I don’t get bloated. Which is huge for me! It gives me more confidence and more comfort.”

Claire Jedrek

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Before taking synbiotic15, I suffered from a painful, bloated abdomen (as if 9 months pregnant). I visited several doctors, but the cause was unclear. A food intolerance test revealed so many nutrients to which I reacted badly, it was impossible to stick to. A friend suggested Synbiotic15. Her experience was convincing, so I tried, and with effect! I suffer significantly less from bloating. I was planning to try it once, but because of the super results I'm extending it. If you have gut problems, I can definitely recommend this.

Vanesse van Eeghen

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As a nutritionist – when I recommend a supplement, it’s important that the quality is as close as possible to what you can get from nature. For me, Synbiotic15 fits those criteria. After clients started with Synbiotic15, one of the first things they noticed is improved digestion and more energy. The best way to start any health journey.

Elika Tasker

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Taking Synbiotic15 has honestly been amazing. My tummy feels good after having it, I’m less bloated and my energy is higher. It really makes a difference!

Shireena Shroff Manchharam

Certified life coach, image consultant and serial entrepreneur


It’s such a big difference since taking Synbiotic15. My body feels good, my energy levels are high, and I somehow feel lighter. This is great, I feel awesome.

Paul Foster

Host, model, and actor


I tried Synbiotic15 for two months and it’s when you stop that you really feel the difference. The probiotics calm your internals and everything becomes more consistent; I think it helps the bloating too. It’s not an instant fix but a good addition to supplements for feeling better all round, and a help with IBS.

Rebecca Bisset

Editor Expat Living


When you take care of your gut, you’ll get so much more energy. And while you don’t need a supplement – Synbiotic15 helps to kickstart your progress and supports the lifestyle changes you make.

Selina Wirz

Nutritionist & Health Coach


My stomach problems have improved enormously after using synbiotic. I am very satisfied!
I have many allergies which have a severe reaction to my bowel movements. By taking supersymbiotic my bowel movements are much smoother, very happy.

Marlot Cruiming


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