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Join us for this live cooking session with nutritionist Elika Tasker

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Do you want to know easy, quick and yummy recipes to cook at home? And did I say they’re great for your gut health as well? If you want this – then my upcoming live webinar is for you. On Wednesday 4 May at 7.30pm I’ll have a chat with Nutritionist and Energy Coach Elika Tasker. We’ll talk about the importance of gut health and Elika will cook live for us to show you how easy it is to support your gut with the right foods.

Gut Health & Nutrition – (how) are they related?

A lot of the foods we take for granted as a normal part of our modern diets – for example, bread, meat and butter – have properties that can harm your gut flora if you eat them too much. Poor diet, in combination with smoking, lack of exercise , stress and not enough rest can create chronic inflammation in your body. The resulting inflammation is so low that you probably don’t notice anything in the short term, but over the long term, the inflammation can, for example, damage your blood vessels, increase the risk of diabetes and cause depression.

Here at Super Synbiotics we’re all about gut health, and for a healthy gut – we should strive for a healthy balance between the food we eat, exercise regularly, manage our stress and get enough sleep. 

The food we eat

So if a lot of the food we eat is unhealthy in the long term, what should we eat? We always recommend the anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This diet contains lots of high-fibre foods, including fruits and vegetables. These fibres act as food for our good gut bacteria, which allows these good bacteria to flourish in our gut. Since the good bacteria help break down the food we eat, we can improve both our digestion and our nutrient absorption by giving our gut flora the right food. We’re here to help you choose the right foods by sharing recipes and with this upcoming webinar. 

About Elika

Elika Tasker is a nutritionist and energy coach based in Singapore. She coaches successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs who neglected their health for too long. In addition she just launched Discover Everton, a private space to create unique experiences to foster meaningful connections. I recently interviewed her about her experience, daily habits and a healthy gut. You can read the interview here

Join us for a live cooking session 

During the live webinar Elika and I will talk about:

  • Gut health – why is this so important and what can we do to support our gut 
  • Why the right nutrition is so important for our gut
  • Which ingredients to add in to your daily diet 
  • Live cooking session where Elika will show us how to make 3 yummy recipes:
    • Mushroom, garlic miso & spinach stir-fry 
    • Tahini broccoli
    • Taco with mushrooms

After the webinar we’ll share the recipes with you, so you can easily make these delicious dishes at home!

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