Inflammation and gut health

When talking about our health, and gut health specifically, inflammation is often mentioned. This page will share resources explaining the relation between inflammation and gut health.

We’ll help you find answers to questions like what is inflammation? How do you recognise the symptoms? What is the relation to gut health? And perhaps most importantly, how can you reduce or avoid inflammation?


What is the difference between acute & chronic inflammation?

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How to recognise the symptoms of chronic inflammation?

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What lifestyle diseases can be linked to chronic inflammation?

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Gut Health and Inflammation

Why is your gut so important to your overall health?

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Healthy Habits

Looking after your gut and your health in general takes time and effort.
Healthy habits help you create a lifestyle that’s sustainable in the long term and with that, be more healthy.

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How the anti-inflammatory lifestyle can help reduce inflammation

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How the composition and activity of your gut bacteria are affected by movement

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Mental Health

About the gut-brain connection

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