Health Coach Selina Wirz about food, being outdoors, gut health and coaching clients

When Selina Wirz looks back at her upbringing in Switzerland, two things stand out: spending lots of time outside in nature and food. Eating healthy, fresh produce and following the season is something she grew up with and now shares with her own daughters.
While Selina was always interested in the relationship between the human body and food, she only took the plunge to be a nutritionist and coach after her own health challenges. A firm believer that good health starts in the gut, she always recommends her clients to start here when they’re on their own journey to better health. ‘When you take care of your gut, you’ll get so much more energy,’ she says, ‘and while you don’t need a supplement – Synbiotic15 helps to kickstart your progress and supports the lifestyle changes you make.

It’s all about food and being outside

Growing up on the countryside in Switzerland, Selina remembers they spent a lot of time outdoors as a family. She lived next to a forest, so it was easy to get out. And with a German Shephard who needs a lot of exercise, it was only natural she was outside all the time. And she loved it.

While being outside is one thing Selina fondly remembers when thinking of her upbringing. The other thing is food. “It’s all about food in my family,” she says. She remembers cooking with her mother and grandma. Making everything from scratch. Using fresh produce and following the season. They didn’t eat anything from a package or pre-made, and till this day Selina makes everything herself. Especially when it’s jam or a sauce – she can’t stand pre-made. There’s always too much of something in it, whether it’s sugar, salt or other preservatives. Nowadays she’s sharing her love of food with her own daughters. Just like she grew up in the kitchen, cooking with her family. She’s now showing her own two daughters how raw ingredients turn into the most delicious dishes.

The journey towards health

Selina started her health journey at a young age. She says she’s always been interested in the human body and how everything is connected. She therefore trained as a pharmacy assistant and later she started to work at a holistic health clinic. The holistic approach towards health and healing really spoke to her, as she believes there’s a place for both modern medicine and natural remedies. Most important is to look at each individual and discover the root cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. Being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in her late twenties (a chronic pain condition) and given the advice to take pain medication for the rest of her life, Selina realized she needed to take charge of her own health. She studied naturopathy to learn even more about all the natural remedies available. At the same time, she changed her diet to be much more plant based. This journey led her to be medication and pain free. Now she wants to help others reach their (health) goals.

Starting as a coach in Singapore

Three years ago, Selina and her family made the move to Singapore. After giving herself some time to settle in, she decided it was time to help others and become a coach. She felt now was the right time to make this happen, as living in Singapore gives her the chance to create a balance between her family, work and personal time. After getting her coaching qualifications, she joined the newly set up family coaching practice Frolic for Life. The practice focuses on family coaching and offers expertise in coaching for kids, parents, life, health and money. Their mission is to help individuals and families overcome self-doubt, find their groove, live healthier and be happy. Something Selina fully supports and is happy to be part of.

“When you want to establish healthy, daily habits. Focus on what you can accomplish consistently. That’s what’ll make the difference in the long run.”

Selina’s 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle

When asking Selina’s top tips for living a healthy life, she highlights this differs from person to person. It depends on your (health) goals and based on that, you might want to start with your nutrition and for others it might be that exercise is the first point of action. Nonetheless, Selina is happy to share 5 tips she believes everybody can benefit from:

  1. Consistency and responsibility

    ‘We can take ownership of our health every day, meaning we’re responsible. It’s easy to blame the food industry or others for what we eat or don’t eat. Or our boss for being so stressed. At the end of the day though, we are responsible and if we want to, we can take charge. You can do this by setting boundaries and building healthy, daily habits. If you can go for a 10min walk every day then do that, every day. Rather than aiming for a 1hour walk and bailing regularly. Focus on what you can accomplish consistently. That’s what’ll make the difference.’

  2. Sleep

    ‘This one is very important for me. I sleep 8 to 9 hours a night and if I don’t, I can really feel the difference the next day. Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep a night, obviously if you have little ones around this will be harder to achieve. Nonetheless, make it a priority as sleep is the foundation for our wellbeing. Our body and mind need to recharge and it does that while you sleep. When you get enough sleep, you’ll feel refreshed in the morning and ready for the day. A good sleep routine, like no screen time before bed, helps the quality of your sleep. Also, aim to catch sunlight in the morning, as this will improve your sleep at night.’

  3. Flow

    ‘I often compare my day to a yoga practice. When you’re in flow during class, you feel so energized and good afterwards. You go through some easy, warm-up movements, continue with more challenging poses, mixed up with easier movements to keep the balance, and finish stretching and slowing down. When you look at your day in the same way and you create this flow, it’ll feel like you can manage anything. Every day you’ll have moments that are challenging and other times it’s more relaxing or easygoing. If you know you have these different moments, you can build in mindfulness or breathing exercises throughout the day to balance out the more challenging moments. By staying in flow , you’ll get the most out of your day.’

  4. Movement + Mindfulness

    ‘I strongly suggest doing these practices early in the morning. For example, go for a 10-15min powerwalk and perhaps do this with your partner. To connect and start your day together. Or do a 10min meditation or yoga practice. Whatever works best for you, this all helps to prep you for your day. And if you feel stressed during the day, go back to what puts you in flow and do that.’

  5. Nutrition

    ‘My all-time favorite, even though mentioned last here. If you want to eat healthier, the best way to make lasting changes is to start slow. Eat an extra veggie or fruit every day. Take it step by step – firstly by adding in healthier items to your diet and then slowly removing more and more of the unhealthy and processed items. By adding more healthy produce, you’ll notice you often automatically reduce your unhealthy or processed items.’

We need to listen to our body rather than relying on numbers

Lastly – Selina highlights the importance of listening to your own body.

“I can’t tell you what to do. What to eat or how much to exercise. You need to listen to your body, and it’ll tell you what it needs. Then do that.”

Nowadays, a lot of people rely on numbers and let those tell you what to do. Like smartwatches, step counters, or apps telling you what to do and when. Selina thinks it can be helpful to motivate and build up consistency, but we cannot only rely on those devices. Connect with your body, create awareness of what’s happening and understand the signals your body sends. When you focus on the numbers only, you lose touch with your own body. A great place to start (re)connecting with your body is keeping a food diary. Take note which foods give you energy, which foods take energy, when do you feel bloated, how’s your digestion etc. A food diary for just a couple of days can give you many insights.

And remember, when you start a new habit, the research suggests doing this for at least 21 days. After this, it’s more a routine and part of what you do. It’s not a conscious decision anymore and that’s when it becomes a habit.

Good health starts in the gut

Selina has always been interested in food, nutrition and how this affects our health and our body. Especially after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, she wanted to find a solution that worked for her long term and taking medication every day was not the answer. She realized good health starts in your gut, or perhaps on your plate. Nowadays Selina lives an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. This means she eats a lot of plant-based foods, as fresh as possible, organic and according to the season. It also means she’s exercising regularly and looking after her mental health. While food is important when taking care of your gut, it’s not the whole story. Exercise and mindfulness play a big part too.

Selina thinks that a lot of people just accept the way they feel as normal. That they don’t realize you don’t have to feel bloated, constipated, or low on energy on a daily basis. She understands why this is though, as it’s not something we talk about. Yes, children do. They love to talk about poo, but when we reach adulthood it’s almost a taboo topic. She thinks this is why people often might not be aware that something is wrong. But looking after our gut is something we can all do for our overall wellbeing. Make our gut happy every day with good food as a happy gut is a happy you.

“You can only know how good life can be when you make a change. And then it can be like WOW, this is such a difference.”

Kickstart your gut health

While looking after her gut health is a daily habit for Selina, when she started with Synbiotic15 she quickly noticed an increase of energy. “Taking care of your gut will give you so much more energy,” she says, “and isn’t that something we all want?”

Gut health is a passion for Selina, and she happily shares tips on her social media. While looking after your gut is not a quick fix and lasting changes take time, she also understands people are looking for quick results or wins when they start making changes. These quick wins are what keeps people motivated. “You have to make the lifestyle changes for lasting effect, but Synbiotic15 can really help to kickstart the changes you want to make and support the changes you’re making.”

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“When you take care of your gut, you’ll get so much more energy. And while you don’t need a supplement – Synbiotic15 helps to kickstart your progress and supports the lifestyle changes you make.”

A supplement for your gut health

Want more energy and less bloating? It might be time to take better care of your gut. To strengthen or restore the balance in your gut flora, it's important you feed your gut with a daily dose of pre- and probiotics. A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is usually sufficient. If you want an extra boost or make sure you get a daily dose of good bacteria, you can complement your diet with a supplement.

Why should you take Synbiotic15?

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