Guide to choosing the right probiotics

Choosing probiotics can be a jungle, as there are so many options available. Here is a checklist of 6 things to consider when choosing a supplement with lactic acid bacteria:

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Probiotics only contain lactic acid bacteria, while synbiotics contain a combination of those lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) and dietary fibres (prebiotics). The advantage of synbiotics is that the fibres act as food for the bacteria during the journey down to the intestine and help the bacteria to increase in number.

In addition, fibres are important for a normal bowel function. The Ministry of Health in Singapore recommends that an adult consumes at least 26 grams of fibre per day. However, studies show that most adults don’t consume this amount. By taking a synbiotic supplement you therefore easily increase your daily intake of fibres. 

There are many different strains (types) of lactic acid bacteria, but not all have the same characteristics and not all work well together. It’s therefore important that the manufacturer tests the bacterial strains in clinical studies, where the supplement is tested on humans.

Many supplements combine different bacterial strains, but lack clinical studies on how these strains interact with each other. When combining strains, there is a risk that the bacteria take out each other’s effect by competing. Therefore, it’s very important to have clinical studies on the final preparation and not only on the individual strains.

You can see more about the clinical trials and research our supplement Synbiotic15 has participated in here. Or read more about our founder Professor Stig Bengmark and why he started Super Synbiotics.  


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The dosage can differ tremendously between supplements, with some containing billions of bacteria while others only contain a few million. Too few bacteria can mean that the supplement does not have the desired effect. While the opposite, the more bacteria the better, is not necessarily true either. 

In fact, it’s not always the number of strains or the amount of bacteria that determines whether the product works better or worse. What’s important instead is which strain(s) are used and that their effect has been proven in clinical studies.

How many bacteria a supplement should contain to be effective can also vary. Some strains may be needed in larger quantities than others to fulfil their function. The need for bacteria also differs between individuals depending on whether they are taking a supplement for general health promotion purposes or to remedy, for example, specific stomach problems.

Based on our researchSynbiotic15 is perfect for general health and improvement of your immune system. It has the right amount bacteria in the right composition for all bacteria to thrive once they reach your gut. We’ll soon be launching a higher dosage version, perfect for those who want to boost their gut health or are struggling with an imbalance in their gut. In the meantime, you can also double your dose of Synbiotic15 and take a sachet in the morning and another in the evening to strengthen its effects. 


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The journey through the stomach down to the gut is not that easy because the bacteria have to pass through acidic bile and stomach acid. Studies have shown that different kinds of lactic acid bacteria do not make this passage and can therefore not benefit your gut once they reach it.

Make sure there are studies showing that the strains in the health supplement can actually make the journey down to the gut, where they can be beneficial.

Studies have shown that the bacteria in Synbiotic15 can reach your gut alive and therefore boost your gut health once they reached their destination.


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Some companies specialize in developing products with lactic acid bacteria, while others only have probiotics as part of their wide range of dietary supplements. An advantage of supplements from specialists is that they often possesses more in-depth knowledge.

Super Synbiotics Sweden is specialised and solely focused on gut health – this specialisation gives the company a deep understanding and broad knowledge of everything related to your gut health. 

The fact that the brand has its own patents on the lactic acid bacteria can be seen as a seal of quality.

All bacteria in Synbiotic15 are patented and can therefore only be used in our supplement. This not only gives us exclusive use of these specific strains, it also ensures we can guarantee the quality and strength of the strains. 

Probiotics and supplements in general do not work the same for everyone. When choosing a research-based health supplement in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can get the best conditions for strengthening your gut flora. A health supplement is not a universal solution or quick fix, but can work well as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle .

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