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It’s about the small steps

We all know the basics for a healthy life: eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep enough and don’t stress too much. Yet, some days its harder than others to stick to these good habits. We’re here to help.

At Super Synbiotics, we’re on a mission to inspire you, and others, about the importance of gut health. And with that, how to look after your gut. We do this by taking small steps. Because making small changes and sticking to them every day, has a much bigger impact than making big changes for a couple of days and then falling back into your old routine.

where to start?


Track your gut health before making any changes so you can measure your results


Have a smoothie for breakfast every day (or regularly!) to increase your daily fruit & veggies intake


Add a pre- & probiotic supplement to your daily habits to further support your gut


Look at other daily habits you can change or improve on to further strengthen your gut health

1. Gut health tracker

As with any changes or new habits, it’s important to take stock of your current situation. This way you can actually measure your result and that’s the best motivator to keep going!

Our gut flora is unique to each and every one of us, what works for somebody, might not work for you. This is why it’s so important to figure out what your gut likes and doesn’t. To do this is easier than ever: just download our gut health tracker, use it for a minimum of 3 days (ideally 7 days!) and find out.

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2. Breakfast Smoothies

One you’ve used the gut health tracker for a minimum of 3 days (as explained above!), let’s get started with your first small change.

One of the most important things you can do for your gut, is feed it with its preferred food. And that’s lots of fruit and veggies. We’re big fan of the anti-inflammatory lifestyle, as your gut loves all these ingredients that’ll fight and reduce inflammation in your gut. 

Getting enough fruit & veggies in your diet every day can be difficult. This is where breakfast smoothies come in. They’re like super heroes for your gut. They’re a great way to start your day on a high and it’ll bring you one step closer to reach your recommended daily intake of fruit & veggies. 

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3. Synbiotic15

If you want to do more for your gut, and if you want to speed up your progress, you can add a pre- & probiotic supplement to your daily habits. Synbiotic15 is clinically proven, research based supplement that will help reduce inflammation in your gut. Our patented bacteria were specifically selected for their anti-inflammatory properties, and, their ability to support and strengthen each-other’s properties. 

Learn more about Synbiotic15 and our 1, 3 or 6 month options here. 

We also just launched our BETTER GUT HEALTH starter pack. This is a 3-month program that’ll help you to boost, support and improve your gut health with weekly support from our side. 

4. Daily Habits

When making changes for a better gut flora and better gut health in general, it’s important to take note of the habits you currently have. Which ones work for you and which ones you might want to change.  

A common pitfall with with goals like ‘be more healthy’, ‘eat healthier’ or ‘get more exercise’ is that they focus on the end goal only, not the way to get there. They’re also not specific at all, so you have no idea when you’d have reached your goal.

A more effective way to reach your goals is to focus on how you’ll get there. You can do this by establishing several good habits that, when combined, can create a lifestyle that’s more sustainable in the long term. Examples of good habits are; take a smoothie every morning, go for a 15min walk after lunch, go to bed before 10pm during weeknights, to name a few. 

learn more about habits here

What our loyal customers say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

Taking Synbiotic15 has honestly been amazing.
My tummy feels good after having it, I’m less bloated and my energy is higher.

Shireena Shroff Manchharam


I have been on a fully plant-based diet for more than a decade now and still struggle a little with gas and bloating. Super synbiotics has definitely taken my gut health up a notch..less bloating and gas.. Yes! Highly recommend!

Luke Tan

Free Human, Coach

As a nutritionist – when I recommend a supplement, it’s important that the quality is as close as possible to what you can get from nature. For me, Synbiotic15 fits those criteria. After clients started with Synbiotic15, one of the first things they noticed is improved digestion and more energy. The best way to start any health journey.

Elika Tasker


I started with Synbiotic15 only hoping to improve my gut health and was surprised my skin got better. It’s been a drastic improvement – my eczema on my back, arms and cheeks are almost gone. And I don’t get flare ups anymore. I also feel less bloated / uncomfortable. Am Super happy with it.

Magdeline Yeo