Exercise and the gut flora

Can exercise benefit the gut flora?

We all know that exercise is good for us, yet this doesn’t mean we make it a priority on a daily basis. We often put obstacles in place like no time, not in the mood or not sure what to do. But did you know that just walking for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis can make a difference? 

The latest research shows that the composition and activity of your gut microbes are greatly affected by exercise. It’s not just the food we eat that impact our gut health. Remember, our gut is involved in many health aspects of our body from weight control to inflammation and our immune system. Maybe these new research findings can give you the push you need to find training motivation?

Increased production of beneficial fatty acids

Exercise is said to contribute to an increased production of the gut bacteria that form short-chain fatty acids. These can protect us against gastrointestinal diseases and colon cancer. A research report describes how 30 sedentary people were allowed to start training for six weeks. All of them showed a significant increase in the gut bacteria that increase the production of these important fatty acids such as butyric acid. After these six weeks, the participants were allowed to return to their sedentary life and the number of short-chain fatty acids again decreased.

The gut flora differs between people who regularly exercise or have a sedentary lifestyle

Studies have shown that sporting people tend to have a different gut flora than those who live a sedentary lifestyle. However, research is difficult to determine if it is exercise as such that affects the set of gut bacteria or whether there are other factors such as that people who exercise often have more nutritious diets. 

Exercise as stress management

Another benefit of exercise is that it can help to manage your stress levels. When we feel stressed, the body switches to adrenaline and other stress hormones. It is a positive survival instinct, but when you continuously or regularly stress, it becomes a negative. Health problems arise when you’re continuously stressed and your body is not able to recover. Even the gut bacteria are believed to be affected.

Research shows that mice exposed to stress had fewer good bacteria and more bad, inflammation-promoting bacteria. Studies on humans show the same results. So given that exercise can help to chase away negative thoughts and release stressful anxiety, exercise will be good for our gut too.

Moderate exercise

Research shows that moderate exercise can improve the composition of your gut flora and increase the amount of good bacteria. However, it appears that extra hard training could have the opposite effect in the short term. Walking shows to be a very effective way to manage stress. For our general health, 30 minutes of activity where you sweat and get out of breath is recommended, at least 5 days a week. So why not go for a brisk morning or evening walk – it’s the perfect way to start or end the day and will help you sleep better as well. 

Important to look at your whole lifestyle

Taking care of your body with a good mix of sleep, diet and exercise is a winning concept. Of course we all have periods where one or the other is not fully taken care of. However, avoid long periods where your body doesn’t get what it needs, as it’ll wear it out in the long run. In addition, we are all equipped with different abilities, conditions and baggage that affect how we tackle and cope with different stresses. While one person gets a high pulse and a rise of stress when in traffic jams, another enjoys it. And while one relaxes on the golf course another feels stress and performance pressure.

Give yourself the best conditions that work for you and feel good to you. Doing so the chances of staying in good health naturally increases. And regarding your gut flora and exercise. Any form of exercise that you like, seems to be able to do good for both body and soul, including the important bacteria in our gut. Enjoy!

A supplement for your gut health

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