Elika Tasker shares how energy audits, gut health, nutrition and indigenous tribes are all connected in her coaching

Nutrition & Energy Coach Elika Tasker says she learned her most important nutrition insights from spending time with indigenous tribes around the world. She feels there is so much ancient wisdom available and as a coach she uses this knowledge to help her clients get the results they’re after. A starting point for many clients is to look after their gut health, as this is often an area they’ll leak energy from. Synbiotic15 is a trusted recommendation for Elika, ‘The quality is very close to nature’s origin, and clients often see quick results like improved digestion and more energy.

In pursuit of a higher quality of life

Elika moved to Singapore over 10 years ago from the UK. She knew she didn’t want to live in the UK forever as she felt the quality of life was limited compared to other parts of the world. When she got an opportunity to transfer to Singapore for a consultancy job, she didn’t hesitate and moved. While loving her life in Singapore, she started suffering from symptoms like exhaustion, lack of motivation, being overweight, and she realised she had a burnout. Rather than relying on doctors to recover from this, Elika decided to look for answers herself. She felt she didn’t have power over her own health and wanted to change this.

Taking charge of her own health

The feeling of powerlessness led Elika to study functional medicine. In functional medicine the focus is to get to the root of the problem and to look at food from a different angle. This spoke to Elika as she wanted to address the cause of her problem, and not just the symptoms. Elika retrained as a health coach, and when finished she realised she wanted to understand more about Eastern philosophies related to food and nutrition.

“Food is not just nutrition; it can be medicine as well. And in Eastern societies food beliefs are much more lifestyle driven compared to Western beliefs.”

Elika set out to explore over 50 different diets and travelled around the world to live and learn from indigenous cultures. She spent time with the Maui’s in New Zealand, the aborigines in Australia, the Shaman’s in Costa Rica and the Rastafaris in Jamaica. Through these experiences she learned about the power of food from its origin.

Launching a wholesome restaurant

When she came back, Elika was eager to share her newfound knowledge and insights. To teach and show people how to enjoy their meals while eating healthy, nutritious food. That’s why she opened Kitchen by Food Rebel in the CBD area. Elika wanted to show that you can have tasty, wholesome meals that are full of nutrients. Everything served in the restaurant was made from scratch. No preservatives or additives were allowed, and only traditional cooking methods were used. The stress of running a successful restaurant and the pressure Elika put on herself, unfortunately led to her second burnout.

Focusing on the inner work

Elika realised that while she had the physical part of being healthy and in balance covered – she had neglected the mental side of things. So, she set off to do the inner work. Do the mindset work, deal with her limiting beliefs, and set up behavioural patterns that allowed her to step into the best version of herself. This is when she discovered the importance of the gut-brain connection. And that your mind and body are truly connected and influencing each other.

At the same time Covid happened and this created further insights for Elika. Not only was she doing her own inner work, but she also noticed what was happening around her because of all the restrictions that were put in place.

This led Elika to launch her current business: Discover Everton. A private space to create unique experiences to foster meaningful connections. It’s a community space for individuals. Working with the restrictions in place Elika organized small scale gatherings and (online) coaching sessions. Now that most restrictions are lifted, she’s looking at bigger scale events and corporate sessions.

“We’re all social creatures. We need social interactions, and because of the Covid restrictions these real life, social moments were difficult for many people for long periods of time.”

Helping clients to live a healthy life

As part of Discover Everton Elika works with a select number of one-on-one clients. She coaches successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs who neglected their health for too long. They build a successful career, but at the expense of their health. This can be their social life, mental health, physical health, or overall wellbeing. When she starts with a new client, she always starts with an energy audit, as her objective for each client is to create more energy, gain mental clarity and lose body fat.

An energy audit figures out where you leak energy. This can be because you don’t eat food with the right nutrient density, or you eat the right food, but your body can’t absorb the nutrients. It can also be because you don’t sleep enough, or don’t know the difference between processed and unprocessed foods. The energy audit shows where the leaks occur, and Elika then looks at the root cause of each leak. She uses her background in anthropology to link it back to one of the 6 basic human’s needs. These needs are oxygen, sunlight, water, nutrition, movement, and physical touch. So, when energy is leaking, she looks at which basic need is missing and addresses that need.

Elika’s recommended lifestyle changes to address our basic human needs

To Elika, living a healthy life means a balance between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. She reiterates that being healthy is not isolated to one aspect of your life. When looking at the 6 basic human needs, there are small steps you can take to address each of these needs to create a balance and live a healthy life.  She recommends the following daily habits.

  1. Sunlight & Sunset

    It’s important to get sunlight into your eyes as early as possible when you wake up as it stimulates everything in your body. Sunlight stimulates Vitamin D absorption (for your immune system) and stops melatonin production (sleep hormone). The morning light basically helps to wake you up and get your energy flowing.
    At the same time, at the end of the day, you want to limit the artificial light you’re exposed to. This’ll prevent the creation of melatonin otherwise, which helps you get this deep, restorative sleep. Also, when exposed to artificial light you’re producing adrenalin, which prevents the production of melatonin. So, focus on sunlight & sunset, those 2 moments of the day. Think of the earliest moment you can get sunlight into your eyes and stop artificial light getting into our eyes.’

  2. Water

    Your body exists for 70% of water. For everything to work effectively from the functioning of your cells to the absorption and distribution of nutrients throughout your body, you need water. So, replenish and stay hydrated.’

  3. Breathe

    You need oxygen to stay alive and the more oxygen you can get into your body the better your body can function. Take a couple of moments throughout the day to take three big breaths. This way you train your body to absorb as much oxygen as possible. Do this before brushing your teeth, when you’re at the toilet or when cooking, etc.
    It’s also important to teach yourself to breathe through your nose as much as possible. Your nose is designed to filter your breath, which means cleaner air in your lungs. It can also prevent bacteria from coming in and it’s better for your teeth to not breathe through your mouth! Lastly, when breathing, feel your belly move. If it doesn’t, you’re breathing too high. Slowly breathe in through your nose and expand your belly: that’s a healthy breath. And did you know that yawning is the fastest way of our body to get more energy in the body? So next time you feel the urge to yawn – don’t halt it but take that big breath of oxygen and feel your energy levels rise.’

Elika reiterates it’s all about the small steps. ‘We need small, consistent habits we can maintain. These small steps are far more important than any huge effort occasionally. It’s your daily habits that’ll make the difference.

Gut health and indigenous tribes

After Elika’s first burnout she started looking at nutrition and food. Specifically, which foods could cause problems like gluten intolerance, bloating, gassy, brain fog etc. This is when Elika really got into gut health and the importance of our gut for our overall health. She has seen more and more awareness about gut health in the last 5 to 7 years. ‘Like it’s a new discovery,’ she says, ‘it isn’t though – Hippocrates said over 2,500 years ago already: “All disease starts in the gut”.

Elika focuses a lot on what she has learned from the indigenous tribes she stayed with. What have they been doing for thousands of years that we can implement? By doing this, Elika feels she’s looking back further than the current science. While the science is important for many people as a reassurance and proof, Elika thinks we can still learn a lot from indigenous tribes.

“When choosing a supplement, it’s important to choose a quality that’s as close as possible to what you can get from nature. For me, Synbiotic15 fits those criteria.”

Supporting your gut health with Synbiotic15

Elika is the first to highlight supplements are what they say they are: supplementing something that you can get from nature as well. And while you can get your pre- and probiotics from nature, the reality is we often don’t. Even while knowing the importance of pre- & probiotics, and when eating clean and healthy. It’s hard to get everything you need in the quantity your body needs. This is where and when supplements can play a role Elika believes. When choosing a supplement, it’s important to choose a quality that’s as close as possible to what you can get from nature. For Elika, Synbiotic15 fits those criteria.

In addition, she thinks the powdered form of Synbiotic15 is enjoyable. A lot of people don’t like taking capsules and there can sometimes be absorption issues. It’s also important to (re)colonize the gut with the right types of bacteria in abundance says Elika. The 4 patented bacteria in Synbiotic15 are selected for their anti-inflammatory properties so they’ll continuously support your gut health and with that your overall health.

Ask yourself this, when taking care of your gut health

Lastly, Elika highlights that when you start with a supplement to support your gut health, it’s important to answer the following question: ‘Are you healing your gut or are you in maintenance mode of your gut health?’ Elika believes most people nowadays are in healing mode. This can mean you need a high(er) or double dose to begin with, to strengthen your gut. It’s always best to discuss this with your health coach when you want to get started. One of the first things you’ll notice when you boost your gut health is improved digestion and more energy. And that’s exactly one of Elika’s goals for all her clients.

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A supplement for your gut health

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