Dyl Goddard about gut health and creating a balance between movement, meals and mental health

For coach Dyl Goddard being active every day is not just something he does, it’s his way of life from a very young age. Originally from South Africa, he didn’t know better than being out on the sports field or in the gym every day. Arriving in Singapore over 10 years ago, he worked as a personal trainer in different gyms. Nowadays he’s also a coach for (new) dads to help them get stronger and fitter so they can show up as superdads for their children.
While exercise is key to Dyl for a healthy lifestyle, so is nutrition and mental health. And for his gut health? A daily dose of Synbiotic15 helps with that: “Less bloating, much more regular bowel movements, and increased nutrient absorption resulting in a lot more energy throughout the day. Synbiotic15 makes a difference to me!

Earliest childhood memories

Originally from South Africa, being active is something Dyl grew up with. Starting at an all-boys school where he played competitive rugby, athletics and squash – to say he spent a lot of time on the sports field seems like an understatement. He thinks sports are an important part of your upbringing, as you learn a lot of life lessons while playing sports. It wasn’t just school though where he was active, Dyl comes from a very active family and his earliest memories are at a gym while his mum was having an aerobics or steps class. He remembers spending a lot of time at the gym with either his mum or dad, and while there you obviously start playing with what’s lying around from a young age. And while his parents always instilled the importance of sports and embraced the competitiveness of it, first and foremost they encouraged Dyl to have fun with it. This is something he shares with his own clients these days – ‘when you have fun it’s easier to stick to it.

From the bush to the gym

While sports was a big part of Dyl’s upbringing, and still is nowadays, he actually studied game and wildlife expansion for business. He spent three years in the bush to help develop sustainable methods to keep the environment moving forward, to ensure there is wildlife left for the next generations. This was an amazing experience he says, but after three years it was time for something else and he moved more into the health and fitness area. He got serious about bodybuilding, and this proved to be a good basis for his nutrition and human movement studies. It showed him what you can do with training and discipline. At the same time, he started working as a personal trainer for Virgin Active and eventually this led to the opportunity to move to Singapore over 10 years ago.

Moving to Singapore and creating a community

When Dyl moved to Singapore this was actually his first time leaving South Africa! In Singapore he worked for different local gyms and he got heavily involved in crossfit. Dyl competed across Southeast Asia and did quite well on the leaderboards. Nowadays though Dyl’s focus has shifted a bit. He’s still a personal trainer, and in addition he set up his own business to help, guide and motivate young dads to regain their vigor for life. This is an online program around mindset, movement and meals. Dyl wants to create a community of (new) dads around this, as he feels there’s a big gap in the market.

‘There are so many initiatives for (new) mums, but what’s happening for (new) dads? They’re often left out and I want to change that.’

Mindfulness and mindset are everything

To Dyl, being healthy means ‘to be truly able to do what you want, when you want, where you want and without having any issues.’ He believes to accomplish this it’s important to create some balance with nutritious meals, regular movement and to practice mindfulness. So many of us take the latter for granted, but the more Dyl learned about mindfulness, the more he realized the mind governs everything. He believes that once you’ve built an unbreakable mindset, anything is possible. He focuses now on only controlling the controllable as this helps him to stay away from stress factors you don’t control anyway. Dyl also believes in the power of deep focus and visualization techniques, which again is something he teaches his clients when they start working with him. Perhaps the biggest change for Dyl in the last years though is because of his daughter. She’s 4.5 years old and he realizes his focus is more on sustainable practices and longevity nowadays. 

“When you have a kid, not only your life changes but so does the way you think and your perspective. It’s about sustainable practices and longevity nowadays.”

Dyl’s 5 tips to live your best and healthiest life

To Dyl, living healthy is a priority and he’ll happily share what helps him daily. He feels the following 5 tips, not in a particular order, will help anyone to become healthier.

  1. Have a plan

    ‘This can be regarding mindset, nutrition or physical activity. Have a framework or a plan to work around. Don’t know where to start? Get a coach for what you want to accomplish. And make sure to make time to create that plan. Give yourself time to plan the next days or week and stick to that plan as best as possible. We so often don’t take the time to plan, and we’re then surprised we don’t accomplish what we want.’

  2. Move every day

    ‘This doesn’t need to be crazy intense, push yourself to the limits every day. Just make sure you move every day. Whether you want to swim, lift weights, run, walk, have variety and don’t limit yourself. I like to push myself at least once a week and this has lots of benefits for me mentally and physically. Do what works for you though and have fun with it! Just make sure to make time to move with purpose.’

  3. Eat as much whole foods as possible

    ‘Try not to overindulge in highly sweet or salty products. Stop eating like a student or a kid. Clean your diet by removing processed foods, stop eating out of a packet etc. and eat as much whole foods as you can. (Whole foods have been processed or refined as little as possible and are free from additives or other artificial substances.) Start with this. Once you eat 80-90% of your time whole foods, then you can look further at the macros and nutrition timing, etc.’

  4. Read and then read some more

    ‘I feel reading is a bit of a lost art yet reading and writing are so important for our cognitive function. Listening to books or podcasts is great, but when I ask somebody what’s your takeaway of that podcast/book you’ve listened to, they can’t answer. Then what’s the point if you don’t remember or retain anything? When you listen to a book you don’t absorb the content as well as when you read the content. And while listening to a podcast or book is great when you go for a walk, try going unplugged for a change and don’t listen to anything. This is so important. It gives you the chance to just be for a second.’

  5. Hydration

    ‘People often forget to stay hydrated. My recommendation is to drink 30ml of water per kg. This is a good calculation to keep in mind. Keep it simple of how much to drink – there’s really no need to overcomplicate things. If you exercise, add about 0.5l of water for every 30-45min of training. If you sweat a lot add electrolytes to add some salts. Of course, these numbers will vary based on where you live, but use this as a starting point and adjust as you go if needed.’

Lastly, Dyl feels that everybody needs to slow down a bit more. Be more present in the moment because life is just way too fast.

The value of gut health

Dyl learned quite some time ago that the gut is our second brain, and he found the value of a healthy gut for himself, both mentally and physically. When he takes on new clients it’s one of the first topics he discusses. What is gut health, why is it important and how best to look after your gut. For Dyl, perhaps one of the most important functions of a healthy gut is the absorption of nutrients from the food you take in. Because what’s the point of eating all the healthy, whole foods if your body can’t absorb the goodies from it?

To Dyl looking after your gut means managing stress levels in your body, incorporating things like Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, and other naturally fermented products like kefir or kombucha. And since a couple of months now with a daily dose of Synbiotic15. When talking about supplements like Synbiotic15 Dyl shares, ‘most people don’t get enough good bacteria or vitamins from their general diets, and that’s where supplements have their place.

“Synbiotic15 definitely makes a difference to me: less bloating, much more regular bowel movements, and my biggest takeaway is increased nutrient absorption resulting in a lot more energy throughout the day. Oh, I also sleep a lot better.”

To supplement or not?

Dyl shares that he goes through phases of using supplements and then stopping again. When he was back home in South Africa over Christmas, and was stuck for a bit longer due to Covid, he stopped taking any and felt fine. He’s the first to acknowledge though that the quality of food is quite high in South Africa with so much fresh and local produce. Whereas in Singapore the quality of food is quite different since everything is imported. ‘You’re not eating fresh in Singapore.

This is why Dyl decided to look into supplements again when he was back in Singapore. He decided to look at high quality supplements, backed by science, and all natural. He also wanted the supplement to have good reviews and peer reviews that they actually work. A lot of people just take something off the shelf that looks like gut health education but there’s no reference point, no education behind it. When taking a supplement or anything really, it’s important to know where it comes from and what it can do for you.

Dyl’s experience with Synbiotic15

Since taking Synbiotic15 Dyl can definitely tell the difference. ‘Less bloating, much more regular bowel movements (like clockwork really), and my biggest takeaway is increased nutrient absorption resulting in a lot more energy throughout the day. I also sleep a lot better which I think is because of the increased absorption of nutrients.’ Dyl acknowledges that it’s possible he feels and sleeps better because of Synbiotic15 as is. He believes though that Synbiotic15 helps his body to better absorb and take in nutrients from the food he eats and because of that, he feels and sleeps better. ‘So yeah, Synbiotic15 makes a difference to me.

“People need to understand what they take and why they feel in a certain way. I feel with supplements people often use it as a way to balance their poor habits and supplement to sort of blanket it out. It doesn’t work like that!”

Dyl shares that he has taken a lot of different brands over the years and you can definitely feel the difference and if a supplement is working or not. ‘People need to understand what they take and why they feel in a certain way. I feel with supplements people often use it as a way to balance their poor habits and supplement to sort of blanket it out. It doesn’t work like that!’ When taking a supplement, it’s still important to eat as much whole foods as possible, exercise regularly, manage your stress levels. It’s all about creating a balance and a supplement is to help you find that balance, it’s not there to be the balance.

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Follow Dyl on Instagram via Built not Broken, and if you want to work directly with Dylan check his website to set up a discovery call.

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