Claire Jedrek shares why she’s making her health a priority, especially gut health

Growing up in the UK and Singapore Claire Jedrek feels she got to experience the best of both worlds. A late bloomer in some ways, it wasn’t until her late twenties that she started driving and decided to make a career out of it. And with success! While on a break from driving, Claire isn’t one to sit still. Her business, presenting gigs and her family keep her busy. And when talking about health, Claire highlights she doesn’t compromise on this anymore. “Gut health is probably my biggest priority now,” she shares, “looking after my gut with Synbiotic15 has made such a difference. I don’t get bloated any longer which is huge for me.

From the UK to Singapore

Presenter and race driver Claire Jedrek has a mixed background and upbringing. Born and raised in the UK by a Singaporean mum and an English-Polish father, she moved to Singapore when she was 12 years old. Claire feels she got the best of both worlds this way. She loved growing up in the UK and remembers a lot of it. From stirring up trouble in the neighborhood with her friends to running around and being sporty. In the beginning, moving to Singapore was quite the culture shock, but she quickly adjusted and still loves living here.

Claire was very sporty from a young age. Looking back at pictures she was always active, whether this was swimming, running or extreme sports. She loved all forms of sports. This is not something she got from her parents though, who weren’t sporty people at all. They had their own business, so perhaps there wasn’t a lot of time. Claire remembers her parents always had the BBC on in the background. This inspired her to be a reporter when she grew up. And she did! Nowadays she combines her passion for sports and reporting as a presenter for the car and motor racing season.

A clean slate when moving back from Perth

Before Claire found her current racing passion, her career was quite in the spotlights over the years. From modeling and acting gigs to hosting events for Red Bull. While she was still sporty, racing was not in the picture at all. In fact, she didn’t even have a driver’s license, just a motor license. It was only when she moved with her then-partner to Perth, that she realized she needed a driver’s license, hence she got it there. When her relationship in Perth failed and she moved back to Singapore Claire says she was quite lost. “I’d been away for 3 years, gave up my career for my partner and really didn’t know what I wanted to do. What I could do even.”

“Taking my time to figure out what I want and what I’m passionate about, is one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten.”

A friend recommended her to see this break as a gift and to allow herself some time to figure out what to do. Till this day Claire feels that’s the best advice she’s ever gotten. Taking her time gave her the chance to figure out what she wanted, what she’s passionate about and what direction she wanted her career to take. At the same time another friend asked if she wanted to help hosting the National Karting Championship, and this is how Claire’s racing adventure started. 

A late bloomer when it comes to racing

To be able to host the Championship event well, Claire needed to know the players and understand the sport. So, she started racing herself when she was 30, which was quite late. She realized she liked it and was good at it, so she decided to go professionally. She put a plan together and raced for 5 seasons and really enjoyed the whole experience. She kept hosting at the same time and because of her personal racing experience, she could share all the ins and outs of the industry when hosting. While having children didn’t stop her from racing, Covid unfortunately did. Claire says she’s currently on a break, and not sure if or when she’ll return to racing.

This friend who got her into racing in the first place? Yup, that’s now Claire’s husband and fellow racer Yuey Tan. They started working together for the National Karting Championship. Two Go Kart tracks, a successful business and two kids later they still enjoy working together. While people often advice against working with your partner, Claire says she doesn’t find it difficult at all and that she rather enjoys it. ‘Motorsport helped me to communicate well. To accept feedback without getting defensive and this helps Yuey and me to work together in the best way. I also learned to focus on what I can control instead of worrying about the things I can’t.

“Motorport helped me to focus on what I can control instead of worrying about the things I can’t.”

From taking her health for granted to making it a priority

In the last five years Claire says her health has become very important. Seeing your parents getting older, having kids and getting older yourself makes you realize how important your health is.

“I want to be there for my kids and be in good health”

Looking at her parents and into their little health issues made Claire realize that a lot of issues are built up over time, and not all damage you do to your body is reversible. So, she made it a priority to learn to listen to her body, check in with herself regularly, note her mental state and stop whatever doesn’t make her feel good. Especially when it comes to food, she’s making healthier choices now.

Claire loves to cook for her family, and with her children she focuses on getting them the best ingredients possible. This is something she learned from her parents. Even while they might not have had a lot of money – they always favored high quality ingredients over ready-made. ‘If you can afford it, pay for good quality. It’s worth it,’ Claire says. And when she chooses to give in to a craving like burrata cheese, rather than binge eating the whole piece, Claire now appreciates a little piece. She savors this and that’s enough.

“Seeing my parents getting older, having kids and getting older myself makes me realize how important my health is. We only have one body, one intestine and one stomach. We better look after it and take care of it! I want to be there for my kids and be in good health, so gut health is probably my biggest priority now.”

Claire’s tips for a healthy lifestyle

When Claire shares her tips for a healthy lifestyle she goes straight into tips for exercising. This is such a big part of her personal health journey, and she feels we can all benefit from regular exercise and movement. To get started or keep going she recommends the following:

  1. Start small

    ‘Yes, I’m highly motivated and driven, but I still procrastinate. However, I also know that I’ll feel better once I’ve done it. So, if I don’t feel like exercise, I focus on the way I know I’ll feel when I’m done. This helps me to get started. And it’s so important to start small. If you don’t exercise at all, start small by walking around the block every day and add on from there.’

  2. Consistency

    ‘Whatever you can do every day is what makes the difference. Keep showing up, be consistent.’

  3. Social Aspect

    ‘Especially if you struggle to get started or wonder where to start, it can help to join a social group or bring a friend. Sometimes things can seem so daunting – for example a bike ride of 1.5-2hrs. When you do this with a friend or a group it’s a lot easier motivation wise. This is something I only realized in the last couple of years. It’s so much more fun and the time goes by really quick!’

  4. Don’t Pay

    ‘One of the worst things in my opinion is thinking you’ll be motivated when you pay (a lot) for something. This just creates pressure not motivation. If you want to do something or make a lasting change, you need to find the motivation from within. Paying to guilt you into doing something will only help for a while – if at all – while motivation from within will last you a lifetime.’

  5. It’s never too late

    ‘My dad was never sporty and took up cycling during Covid. Nowadays, we regularly go on rides together and I think it’s his way of creating calm in his head. I absolutely love it, as it gives me the opportunity to create new memories together.’

Claire’s Gut Health Journey

When talking about gut health Claire has quite a lot to share. While she was having stomach issues for more than 10 years, she never knew why or what triggered it. She never even though that the food she ate could trigger it. While she felt sluggish all the time and only went to the toilet every 3-4 days, Claire never investigated it until she had more serious nerve inflammation issues.

This was the trigger Claire needed to research what she could do to reduce the inflammation and improve how she felt. She participated in the Chosen Experience in Bali which changed the way she thought about food. How food can make you feel and what’s the science behind it. She started healthy food habits and made it a priority to make those daily habits.

She also learned about the gut-brain connection and that the hormone serotonin is heavily influenced by your gut health. This made her understand her mood swings better and that it’s important to look after your gut. Now she knows, Claire says she really wants to act on it. While she’s frustrated that she didn’t know before, she also realises that she probably had to go through the process to understand it. Claire does wonder why we don’t know this. Why we don’t learn this at school when growing up. Instead, we hear about it from a doctor when we face (serious) health problems. We can prevent so much if only we look after our gut better.

“I probably felt bloated 3-4 times a week and it was a big issue for me. Yet I couldn’t figure out what exactly triggered it or how to stop it. Taking Synbiotic15 makes me feel good. I can really feel the difference and I don’t get bloated. Which is huge for me! It gives me more confidence and more comfort.”

No more bloating with Synbiotic15

One symptom Claire struggled with to get rid of was bloating. ‘I probably felt bloated 3-4 times a week and it was a big issue for me. Yet I couldn’t figure out what exactly triggered it or how to stop it. Taking Synbiotic15 makes me feel good. I can really feel the difference and I don’t get bloated. Which is huge for me! It gives me more confidence and more comfort.” And when asked why you should look after your gut health and give Synbiotic15 a try she says “You only have one body, one intestine and one stomach. Look after it. Take care of it! It’s so easy to take Synbiotic15 and is part of my morning routine now. Together with my other vitamins, a banana and a cup of coffee – I’m ready for the day.”

“Gut health is probably my biggest priority now. Not taking medication and not seeing a doctor makes me feel good and gives me confidence. And this is something I want to teach and share with my children as well.”

From the way they eat, what they eat, how it affects their mood, but also their pee and poo habits and consistency. It’s all part of what we need to know to look after ourselves in the best way. Claire finishes, “in a way – taking Synbiotic15 has helped me to reassess what I feed my children and what I want to teach them about their health and our future.”

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